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A Trail to Somewhere

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Materia Medica


Schisandra Berry

“Chinese mock barberry,” “five flavor berry,” “lemon wood,” “magnolia vine,”  “wu-wei-zi” (Chinese name)

2c73f5e21e7c68ee3a3f69e154398274Schisandra Chinensis

A special plant holding its place in many medicine cabinets for those looking to heal body and soul. Schisandra is an ancient herb in the Eastern world that is now spreading its roots to the West, gaining more recognition for its medicinal properties. This plant has a vivacious personality, very spicy, yet sweet, tangy, bitter, and salty, which gives it the common name “five flavor berry.” With all of its unfolding qualities this plant could truly help a lot of people, mentally and physically. Get to know it and explore its bountiful benefits below.


berry plant

A climbing woody vine apart of the magnolia family. Schisandra has bright green shiny leaves that are deciduous during dormancy. They produce male and female flowers on separate plants eventually forming small bright red berries hanging, grape like…

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Round Chakra Stone Set

I came accross the ebay, and found this nice Chkara Stone Set. As for chakra stones, I know there is a great demand in the market. When you search "Chakra Stone", on, yopu will find there are a lot... Continue Reading →

Collaborative Writing for WordPress with Google Docs


Jetpack for WordPress

Google Docs is one of the most popular online collaborative writing tools, and we’ve just improved upon it by giving you the ability to publish from Google Docs directly to a WordPress site. Eliminate copying and pasting, re-uploading images, and re-formatting. Stop disrupting your creative flows: just write, collaborate, and publish.

Installation is simple. Visit the official page on the Chrome store and click the blue “Free” button to install the add-on. Then follow the prompts to approve our add-on and you’re all set.

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10 Blogging Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hitting Publish


Jessica Riga

Creating a blog post takes time, effort, passion and the rest. It’s always so rewarding seeing the end result up on your page and having people come and enjoy it for all its worth. What majorly sucks though is hitting ‘publish’, only to scurry back to the inner workings of a post because you forgot some tedious, yet important, housekeeping. This has happened to me one too many times, but it was only when writing the Publishing + Final Touches part in “My Blog Post Creation Process” post that I realised I have quite a long, and helpful, mental checklist! I was tempted to go way more in depth in that post about these questions, but held back as I knew I could dedicate an entire post to it! While they’re pretty self explanatory, I thought these questions could help other bloggers or point out something they could…

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Your Requirement

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

God will not go against your will or force himself on you, he is better than a gentleman. He lovingly, waits on us, gently leading us, not abruptly but gently, into all Truth. The Spirit of Truth. You have to yield to the Holy Spirit. You have to surrender your will, for His perfect, holy, and good will for your life. You have to give him permission to do, what He desires to do with you.

Divine manifestation comes, only when we let go, completely and willingly surrender…Selah

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The Perfect Palette Tag


Jessica Riga

Ah, the Perfect Palette Tag. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is one of the original makeup tags. Search it on YouTube and all the main beauty bloggers did this 3 years ago. However, it is still my favourite tag to circulate the beauty community as eyeshadow palettes are my – and many others – favourite part of makeup! I thought now would be the perfect time to do this tag as I’m finally in a really good place with my palette collection. There finally isn’t a palette I’m lusting after, anxiously waiting to be released or indecisively debating over – hopefully this feeling lasts for as long as possible to save my bank account some pain! Below I’ve answered the hard hitting beauty questions, such as which palette I think has the best packaging, which one was my biggest regret, and which I’d take with me to a…

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perception, conception

Tiny Fawns

words, to reveal hidden secrets and
musings that shuffle around in your mind

remain abstract to the person before you
absorbing your words

they can never know and experience them exactly
the way you do –

we can only overlap the
common denominators of our memories,
emotions, and desires in order to give form
to words and ideas from which everything
we perceive or conceive will be born

doesn’t it haunt you, to know everything we know
can only grow and continue as far as the words
that you know?

written by Tiny Fawns for daily prompt: abstract

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