With Christmas right around the corner, sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge finding a gift for your loved ones. Money is the ultimate gift to give. When money is given, it can be spent on exactly what the recipient wants. I wanted to share with you some Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift not only for Christmas but for Birthdays, Graduation, or just because.

I’m going to start with a wonderful way to give kids quarters! Quarters come in handy at the newsstand, campus laundries, and video arcades. Cover their utilitarian wrappers with candy cane hues.


What a great idea! Wow…and this one…fill a balloon with wrapped bills and confetti. This is a great idea for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, etc.


How about this one from Christmas Cash from It’s Written on the Walls


Remember those clear ornaments you can get at the dollar store? I used them in…

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