Whiskey stones set, a wonderful gift for those in your life

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Whiskey Stones-Set of 6 Stainless Steel Resuable Ice Cubes & Diamonds & Cylindrical Combo Set Whiskey Rocks Sipping Stones for Wine With Non-ship Rubber Tongs

Ice is great, especially for people like me who want love every drink as cold as possible, however since I am completely weird I also tend to discard any drink that tastes too watered down. The whiskey stones allow you to chill a drink without ever worrying about traditional melting. Actual whiskey stones are made of soap stone; they are pretty impressive and can hold a chill for hours. They also require a fussing that I am just not built for. These stainless steel ones are easy to clean, chill in the same amount of time, and work for as long as it takes to reasonable drink a beverage. They are generally used for whiskey and other alcoholic drinks but in my home we tend…

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