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Do You Have Any Cleaning Tips?


I have been getting some really wonderful cleaning  tips from my readers! So I thought I would put up this post. If you have a great cleaning hack or tip…please just comment and I will add it to this post…I know there are so many people that have little tricks up their sleeves.

So here is the first one.

.It comes from…

A cleaning tip you may/ may not be interested in: My neighbors recently threw out a large rug that they kept outside under a covered patio. The tan rug had rust stains on it from their furniture. I grabbed it. It was a completely synthetic fiber rug. I scrubbed the rug with washing detergent, but used Barkeepers Friend applied with an old toothbrush and a little water on the rust stains. Every rust stain came out. All of them.

Thank you…so much

I personally make shakes everyday…

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Buying Time

we sell our time to the lowest bidder. the eternal pondering, will it be paper or plastic? gift wrapping  pieces of a life in the cellophane  of extrinsic control, while gravity sobs fert… 来源: Buying Time

The Crab Apple ~ Malus Species

Oasia – New collection Make up Spring – Summer 2017 by Ten Image

Please Another Make up by lellaj1005

E’ arrivata Oasia, la New collection  make up Spring – Summer 2017 by Ten Image!

La nuova linea di make up presentata dalla casa produttrice Ten Image lo scorso 13 febbraio in Barcellona, sta già girando l’intera Spagna per la sua presentazione. ^____^oasia-new-collection-spring-summer-2017-by-ten-imageOasia ci trasporta nel mondo della natura, un paradiso esemplare dal quale emergono varie sfaccettature di colori che come sa ben selezionare Ten image, enfatizzano la bellezza della donna.

Nella mia prima collaborazione con Ten Image, ci avevano proposto Back to Origins, una collezione primavera estate che ricordava e ritornava alle origini per reinventare concetti e forme… dunque alla natura e i colori della terra dell’Africa.

Oggi, ci ripropone il tema della NATURA, alla quale il brand si ispira poichè da essa ne scaturisce la Bellezza e dunque ricercare ciò che migliora e fa risplendere l’essere donna ^_^.

Anche questa volta si ispira alla terra e…

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Seashell Monogram Letter



I love decorating with seashells! I had this letter ‘H’ I was waiting to decorate. If it works out, I will decorate the ‘ O M E’ letters I have. So this is what I collected together… The burlap ribbon and net wired ribbon came from the dollar store…The ruffled burlap from Walmart along with the letters.


I started with one of those cardboard letters, lots of depth. I fiddled around with different coverings, but at the end I went with the burlap. I think it’s makes the shells more prominent. I wrapped it with the burlap. I glued up to the top back and hot glued it down. (If your putting this outside, use a glue specifically for that)


I then played around with the net wire ribbon. I love that ribbon. I glued it at the top back, and played with it a little as I went down…

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The Great Wall: Review

shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

Warning: all the spoilers for The Great Wall.

When I first heard about The Great Wall, I rolled my eyes and dismissed it as yet another exploitative tale of Western exceptionalism where the white guy comes in, either insults or co-opts the local culture, saves the day and gets the girl, all while taking a role originally intended for or grossly better suited to a person of colour. It wasn’t until later that I learned the film was directed by Zhang Yimou, filmed on location in Qingdao, China,  and featuring a predominantly Chinese cast, with Matt Damon – emphasised in Western marketing to attract a Western audience – starring as one of several leads, in a role that was always intended for a Western actor. The film was released in China at the end of 2016 – and is, in fact, the most expensive film ever shot entirely in China

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All These Angels!


I received a big surprise in my mailbox today! Remember when I showed the ‘Angel Wings’ Tutorial? I had asked if anyone made angels….well Feisty Frog sent me some beautiful ones that she handcrafted! These are just some of them!


Thank you so much for sending me your pics of all these awesome angels! You are one creative lady!!! Check out her blog at:

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!

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Valentine Banner



Well I have one for all of you out there that wants to add Valentine decor to your home. I saw something like this at Darby Smart. This is a  VERY  easy and inexpensive, and quick valentine craft, that just about anyone can do….fun for kids too!

Gather some colored paper…pinks and reds and any other color you want to throw in the mix. Scrapbook paper works well too! (dollar store)

I would suggest making one 6″ heart, then using it as a template for the others. Cut out as many hearts as you like. The more hearts..the longer your banner will be. I wrote some little messages on them and then punched a hole on each side.


Then I took some colored string….(dollar store sells pack of 3 colors)


You pull the string through the front of the first heart to the back and into the opposite…

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So, How About those New Year Resolutions?

What's for Dinner Moms?

    in a way that shows determination or resolve.
    “Rachael takes the lead, striding purposefully towards the door”
    with a useful purpose.
    “how is it possible to share information effectively and purposefully with project partners?”

Still sticking to that diet of water and bananas? Still being a better person and helping the needy? Solved all the world’s problems? Maybe it is time to re-visit those resolutions.

Back at the end of December I chose the word purposefully as my guiding word for the year. (click for link to post) It has come into play several times over the last month. Most recently in my decision to cut back on my volunteer commitments to spend more time with my son. I also had to use it this morning in choosing oatmeal over the cinnamon and cream cheese frosted waffles.  Purposefully.

I was thinking today that maybe…

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